Washington, DC for a Week

I will be spending the next week in Washington DC, visiting my fiance and working from her apartment.  I also plan on taking in some of the scenery, warm weather and food that the city has to offer.  After spending time in DC on several occasions in 2010 and 2011, DC has become one of my favorite cities in the US world.

There is more to my affinity to the city than our nations history (although the history and monuments are appreciated).  My favorite part of the city is how accessible everything is and the great food.  Unlike New York and other metropolises, Washington DC has a rule where no buildings can be higher than 110 feet.  This means that there are no skyscrapers in town, which makes it easy to view monuments and history from great distances.

This building restriction makes the city accessible visually, while a great subway system makes it easy to get to just about anywhere in the city without much effort.  Anywhere you would want to visit (including Reagan Airport) is accessible from the metro system.

My favorite use of the metro system is to use it to get to many of the fantastic restaurants in DC.  For lack of a better term, I am a foodie, and DC is the ultimate town for foodies.  It is hard to find a bad place to eat in DC.

I plan on sharing some of my experiences this week on the blog, so stay tuned.  To whet the appetite, here are some photos from my previous travels.


Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier – Alaska Day 3

Monday morning was our time to see whales. Dad and I woke up early and perched on our balcony the entire morning in search of some whales. We learned during the talk yesterday that this was one of our best chances to see whales during our cruise. That’s all we needed to hear, as dad and I got out our respective digital still cameras, dad’s HD Camcorder (1080i beeehotch), and some trusty binoculars.

We sat out there drinking coffee on and off for several hours, and I was the only one to see a whale (I saw two, but I mostly only saw the whale tails… and I’m not talking thong underwear). I was actually a little disappointed, because I was so focused on trying to get a photo of the whale that I didn’t even give myself a chance to appreciate the beauty in real life (thank god for photos!) We whale watched the rest of the morning (with a gluttonous stop at the breakfast buffet once again), and sat on the balcony up until the point the ship landed in Juneau for the day.

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Seattle Harbor and Shipoff – Alaska Day 1

Today is Saturday, May 31, and I am on my way to Alaska for a cruise with my dad, Jimbo. We have been talking about going on an Alaskan cruise for the past several years (since 2006 I believe) and this year we finally pulled the trigger and went through with it. Prior to this trip, my only real exposure to an Alaskan cruise was on that epic two-part episode of Baywatch where Mitch, Hobie and the gang took an Alaskan cruise. On that cruise, some murderous douchebag was on board the ship causing all sorts of ruckus, and Mitch had to come through and save the day. Of course, the Hoff did save the day, and continued his awesome performance record of delivering 10 times out of 10. Between me and my dad being on this boat, I think we have some serious Hasselhoff potential!

Leading up to this trip, I had told quite a few people about how I was going on Alaskan cruise with my dad. Their first reaction was “why isn’t your mom going?” I told them that it was because my mom, Franny, didn’t have any desire to go to Alaska and be cold all the time. This is quite true, and even though we reminded Franny that Alaska really isn’t much colder than Minnesota at this time of year, she wouldn’t budge.

The second reaction I received was for people to tell me to be prepared to see a TON of old people. They couldn’t have been more correct. More on this later, but let’s just say that on the demographics curve of this ship, I am an extreme outlier on the young axis.

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